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Picture search helps you to find pictures on the Internet. Some of these pictures are protected by the creators copyright - in fact all pictures are protected by copyrights of the creator or photographer.

But some photographers, typical amateur photographers, like to share their pictures with others and allow you to make use of their pictures for your own private website or small publications as long as you include a link back to them or at least acknowledge the creator / photographer.

Picture Search Engines ( http://www.picture-search-engines.com ) can be used as a starting point for your picture search mainly after amateur pictures from common people and amateur photographers.

Professional stock photos can be found at A-Z Fotos .

Many of the online photo sharing services also have picture search as part of their offer.

You can find examples of what people are searching for and the keywords they use to search after pictures on the next page.

With this tool you can investigate more in detail what people are searching for on the web, i.e. which keywords they are using in general and how they combine keywords, not only in there picture search but in their general search after information etc. on the web.

If you are more serious about these matters of checking searches and do your own sofisticated searches you should get this free tool.

In fact the most common comodity people are searching on the web is information and accordingly the most rewarding kind of thing to offer is information or information products, also called infopublishing. This is further explained here, including pictures.


This is interesting because some of the earliest things to order online was books. And books and infoproducts are still among the most frequent kinds people are looking after.


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